Video Game Orchestration & Arranging

More than 92 projects for Blizzard Entertainment since 2006 including these:

Movie Orchestrations & Arrangements

Television Arranging & Orchestration

Disney Theme Park Orchestration, Arranging, & Composition

Numerous shows, atmosphere music, and music for attractions at Disney theme parks in California, Florida, Tokyo, and Paris as well as Disney Quest and Epcot Center since 1994.

Pageant of the Masters Composing, Arranging, & Orchestration

Currently a composer for the Pageant of the Masters since 2009:

Broadway & Pop Orchestral Arranging & Orchestration

Over 75 variety shows written for studio orchestra, cast and solo vocal, and pre-recorded for Crystal Cruises, Celebrity Cruises, and the Disney Cruise Line since 1993. A small sampling includes:

Arrangements & Orchestrations for Jingles

Arrangements & Orchestrations on Record


Published Compositions & Arrangements

Numerous big band originals published by Kendor Music written for different levels of ability; thus proving my theory that simple melodies in conjunction with complex harmony can sound great performed by musicians at any stage in their musical development. Well written and accessible music MUST be made available to inspire young musicians to keep on their personal path to growth.