Guest Soloist

When you select me to be your guest soloist, we will perform my compositions and arrangements at your concert. The music will be shipped to you in advance for ensemble preparation. I have several pieces of music that are at various ability levels.

After I arrive, I will rehearse your group and together we will set the order of tunes for the performance. If you wish, I will present one or more clinics of your choice: improvising, saxophone playing, studio arranging and orchestrating (commercial and traditional), or a clinic about the music business and how I have woven my niche inside it.

Contact me with your proposed concert date, and we can talk about my availability, pricing, and other details pertaining to the concert collaboration.


El Dorado high school concert, May 24, 2013.
Cuesta College concert, Feb 26, 2010.
Des Moines big band, Apr 29, 2008.